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Monday, March 13, 2023


What does Hollywood Smile mean?

Hollywood smile is a cosmetic dentistry operation that creates an ideal smile that treats teeth flaws including teeth discoloration, decay, gaps, and their alignments. The term “Hollywood smile” refers to the usual bright teeth of Hollywood celebrities that are straight and shiny. It should be noted that the Hollywood smile procedure is not only a cosmetic attempt, but it also treats dental problems in order to make them healthy as well as beautiful. For this aim, different dental procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, implants, crowns, etc. are utilized depending on the needs of the patient.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Hollywood smile?

Nowadays, all people understand the role and the importance of teeth in a beautiful appearance. For these reasons, most people refuge to dental clinics. Some people refuge to herbal medicine such as acacia, baking soda, mixed of Aloe Vera gel and glycerin scrub. However, it is not clear yet the herbal medicines are effective in teeth or not?

Some others spend lots of money for buying strong toothbrushes and toothpaste and finally understand they have just lost much money and cannot achieve the bright tooth.

Therefore, what should we do to have Hollywood smile? What is the right alternative? In the last articles, we have explained the Hollywood smile clearly and in detail.

Generally, a Hollywood smile refers to bright and shiny and row teeth that are not suffering from dental diseases and gum Inflammation, stains, and broken teeth. Therefore, the bright and whitened tooth is one of Hollywood smiles characteristics.

For these reasons, herbal medicines do not affect alone as they just remove the simple stains and yellow teeth.

However, sometimes there might be some serious stains on your teeth due to smoking, coffee, tea, antibiotics, or other medicines that should be removed by performing cosmetics procedures.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hollywood smile

It does not mean Hollywood smile solves all your dental problems. Because this procedure includes some advantages and disadvantages. So prior to any action, we should know them and then we can make a proper decision if Hollywood smile is suitable for us or not?

We are planning to explain about advantages and disadvantages of Hollywood smile in this article.

Advantages of Hollywood smile

Straight teeth

Some people suffer from crooked teeth or their teeth are different in shape, size, and length. These problems lead to an unpleasant appearance of the patient’s teeth. In this case, Hollywood smile is not only a cosmetic procedure, but it also prevents overcrowding of the mouth.

Bright and whitened teeth

Sometimes people have strong dental tissues but the natural color of their teeth is not beautiful. In other words, they have yellow teeth due to excess consumption of tea or coffee or smoking so their teeth appear dirty and ugly.

Tooth whitening is a good solution for these patients because by this method, the yellow stains would remove. However, after this cosmetic procedure, you have to pay attention more to your teeth hygiene.

Filling gaps between the teeth

Sometimes the patient suffers from tooth gaps. This causes the food pieces to infiltrate between the teeth and gives an unfavorable appearance to your teeth. The patient always needs to use dental floss for cleaning and if the dental floss dose not exist, the patient feels shy in front of people when he wants to talk or laugh.

High self-confidence and self-esteem

Hollywood smile gives a particularly attractive face and a beautiful appearance to patients, and this appearance leads to having a better feeling in front of other people and increases self-confidence. So people can have more comfortable presence in the society and have higher self-confidence compared to pre-operation.

Disadvantages of Hollywood smile

Dental caries

Sometimes we notice some misconceptions and perceptions that harm the integrity of the teeth. Unfortunately, some people think that using cosmetic veneers will enrich them from using toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss, but this is not true. Performing a cosmetic procedure with a holistic smile and using cosmetic veneers weakens the enamel of your teeth and if the patients do not use dental floss, brushes, and toothpaste, they may face tooth decays and caries.

On the other hand, unfortunately, some dentists perform cosmetic veneering without treating the teeth from decay. This leads to tooth erosion, weakening, and irritation, and if the dentist and the patient do not pay attention to this issue, they have to extract the teeth. For this reason, the dentist must treat decayed teeth. Usually, dentists advise patients to brush their teeth at least twice a day to prevent tooth decay.


Gingivitis rarely occurs in patients. Because some patients refer to non-specialized and inexperienced dentists to reduce prices, and unfortunately the dentist cannot choose a suitable size for the cosmetic veneers for coating, or the dentist cannot properly wrap the patient’s teeth, which causes some problems and infections in the patient’s teeth. Therefore, prior to any action the patient has to choose the experienced dentists and the equipped clinics.

Lose of the natural shape of tooth

When the dentist decides to do cosmetic veneers, first, he carves the tooth enamel and after that, he erects the dental crowns. It causes to loss of the natural shape of the teeth. After that, you cannot change the veneers to prevent the enamel peeling. Therefore, your dentist has to pay attention and choose the veneer’s color very carefully because after that you cannot change it easily.

When the patient is planning to perform the cosmetic veneers, he must change his routine diet because the veneers are so fragile and they can break easily with the lowest pressure. For example, you may eat solid foods such as nuts leading to broken teeth. Sometimes the patient does not pay attention to these instructions and swallows the cosmetic peels with food without noticing.

Expensive costs

All procedures for a Hollywood smile can have an exorbitant cost for the patient. However, according to the type of operation and the devices that the dentist uses the range of costs varies.

Hollywood Smile Aftercare

  • Try to visit your dentist regularly. Your dentist should watch your teeth condition and if it is needed clean them professionally.
  • Do not forget to brush and floss your teeth twice a day.
  • Avoid biting your nails because it may end up to chipped teeth.
  • Limit having coffee, tea, wine, and any other drink or food that have high color pigments and can stain your teeth.
  • Do not bite on hard things like walnut and pistachio shells.
  • Do not use your teeth for opening hard items.
  • Stop using colored toothpaste or mouthwash in 24 hours after Hollywood smile operation.
  • Avoid using whitening toothpastes containing tiny crystals because they can threaten enamel.
  • Stop smoking because it can leave yellow marks on your teeth.

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